Our Founder

Dr. Allouche, a French MD, is known around the world as the first “diabetologist”. For over 30 years, he has helped people change their lifestyle habits to unlock the fullness of healthy living. As a research scientist and the owner of a leading international gourmet food provider, Dr. Allouche has infused evidence-based techniques with leading weight loss strategies into Prediabaid.

Dr. Allouche’s  innovations in metabolic disorders and obesity have and continue to empower individuals to replace negative ways of thinking with healthier thought patterns and actions. With five best-selling health enhancement books under his belt and as the founder of Ceprodi – the #1 manufacturer of gourmet diet food in Europe, Dr. Allouche is infusing the convenience of mobile apps with evidence-based disease prevention practices.

Dr. Reginald Allouche

Founder, CEO & CMO